Local Traders

Local Traders

We’ve a methodology that will mean that most visitors on the day will visit many pages on our website, and each visit can show local business adverts with current, on the day offers, or vouchers etc for future visits – with the right offer, you could have thousands of conversions – meaning extra trade! – Make the most of this opportunity !

We want anyone local to have a chance to trade at the Skipton Car Show – be that a business on the high street, wanting to extend their premises outside with a  gazebo, or table etc or a business elsewhere in town or the extended Craven area wanting a trade stand. Also, community groups, individuals etc are welcome to apply.

We welcome applications from all sorts of traders, who will add value and interest to the event – we’re really flexible with regards to stall size etc.  No power is available for stalls, but generators are OK. You’ll need Public Liability Insurance, and a relevant Risk Assessment. Food Traders will need all the usual stuff – which you should  be well aware of.


Overall, we want every aspect of people and businesses involved to add relevant interest and value to the Car Show, and we will look at all applications with this view.

We ask all local traders to apply in the next 2-3 weeks, so we can start to prioritise local traders if applicable as there will be limited space, and regional travelling traders will need to book their dates in as soon as possible, and we don’t want to miss out on someone who adds great value to Skipton Car Fest


Apply here – 2024 Skipton Car Show Local Traders Application

This is a Google Form, that opens in a new tab/window. It needs you to be signed into your Google account to respond.

If you have any problems with using this form – eg. You don’t have a Google account  – please email all the relevant details as requested on the form, to admin@skiptoncarshow.co.uk

I’m using Google Forms, as it saves admin time, by linking up to my email software, banking, invoicing and printing software


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Skipton Car Show is funded by the showcar fees, traders stalls, any sponsorship and donations – please help support this event. 




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