Application for Show Vehicles

UPDATE : 15/5/2024  12:30pm

We now have filled the space for show vehicles, and have opened the reserve list via the link below, in case any of the applicants drop out or don’t respond.

We should have over 180 vehicles attending, with a huge variety of types, ages and makes!


Currently, all applications do not guarantee a place at the show. We expect to be over-subscribed for the space that we have. So, we’ll start to make some choices and decisions in a couple of weeks or so. (today being 8/4/24)  –

Then, we’ll contact you and let you know, with an invoice for any applicable fees, to be paid within 7 days, to confirm the place. If not paid within 7 days, we may offer the place to someone else.


Overall, we want every aspect of vehicles, people and businesses involved to add relevant interest and value to the Car Show, and we will look at all applications with this view.

The application forms need you to be signed into a google account, which I guess most people have. We’ve used Google Forms because the forms all link up nicely with our accounting and contacting and invoicing software – this makes our admin work a lot easier.

But, if anyone is struggling with using them, then, contact us on or via the facebook page, and we’ll try and take your application that way

Please fill in this form RESERVE LIST 2024 Skipton Car Show Application for Show Vehicles Form

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Skipton Car Show is funded by the showcar fees, traders stalls, any sponsorship and donations – please help support this event. 




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