1955 Austin Healey 100/4M BN2

1955 Austin Healey 100/4M BN2

706 XVG left the production line in Longbridge On 25th October 1955, but promptly boarded a boat bound for Australia, where it would enjoy a pleasant climate until 2019. This made the car very appealing given most Australians have probably never seen rust with their own eyes, but before its repatriation the car was extensively rebuilt at Melbourne-based Healey specialists Marsh Classic Restorations by Steve Pike.

The Car was repatriated to the UK By an Ex-Ferrari Racing Driver who spent a long time searching for a car that would be suitable and eligible to enter the Mille Miglia. He wanted this to be his final rally before retiring. The Mille Miglia is Described as the most beautiful race in the world and started in 1927 covering approximately 1000 Miles through Italy.

Before being considered for the Mille Miglia the car had to be completely returned to its original 1955 Specification after which it was scrutinised by FIVA – Fédération Internationale des Véhicules Anciens who confirmed it would be suitable for entry.

Its upgrade to period-correct 1955 M specification was the work of Murray Scott-Nelson in Scarborough, and the overhaul list is extensive. Much of the rotating mass has been balanced, and M spec pistons now glide inside an M spec alloy cylinder head. A pair of M spec SU carbs handle breathing, aided by an aluminium airbox. The alternator and cooling fan were also replaced, along with new dampers and an anti-roll bar, a heavy-duty clutch linkage, louvred bonnet, and Le Mans-style leather strap. The result is a car that looks largely standard from the outside yet, thanks to its M specification components, may also be making around 20bhp more than its original 90bhp output.

Disk Brakes were replaced with original Drum Brakes, Electronic Ignition replaced with Points and Wheels swapped back to Painted from Chrome as the original spec.

Once this was completed the Application was made and the Car was accepted as an entrant to the 2020 Mille Miglia. A Total of 375 Cars are very carefully selected to take place in the rally out of the thousands of Applications.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Driver and Navigator were not permitted to Travel to Italy, so they rolled the entry over to a future year.

Prior to the race in 2021, the Driver had to submit his driving licence and to his horror his entry was declined as he was 1 year over the permitted age.

As a result, he agreed to sell the car to someone who was willing to enter the Rally with the car in future years.

After Many Years of Searching for the car to this specification, I am now the very lucky Custodian of this vehicle :0)


706 XVG



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