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The Skipton Car Show’s success depends on numerous factors – the cars attending, the people attending, the local businesses embracing it, having sufficiently interesting things to attract visitors etc.

We’ll be having a raffle, and would like people and/or  businesses to offer prizes. We can have physical prizes, dropped off, or vouchers etc – sent electronically or via post.

We will, naturally, promote your generous prize giving, via social media, and put a link on our website.

The form needs you to be signed into a google account, which I guess most people have. We’ve used Google Forms because the forms all link up nicely with our accounting and contacting and invoicing software – this makes our admin work a lot easier.

But, if anyone is struggling with using them, then, contact us on admin@skiptoncarshow.co.uk or via the facebook page, and we’ll try and take your application that way

Please fill in this form Skipton Car Show Raffle Prize Donation Form 

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Thank You !



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Skipton Car Show is funded by the showcar fees, traders stalls, any sponsorship and donations – please help support this event. 




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